Friday, December 12, 2008

UniSA presentation

On Monday Dec. 1st 2008, UniSA students and faculty had a product presentation in the National Railway Museum. The result turned out great and here are the picture for that day.

The documentary

The other systems

UniSA students

UniSA students, faculty, and Sharon

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Second Australia Trip

Second Australian Trip
Oct. 26, 2008 ~ Nov. 1, 2008

Oct. 28th, we arrived at Australia. One the same day, we prepared PCs and monitors need to be installed in museum. Early morning in Oct. 29th, we brought our equipments to museum to show our client our progress.

This is Port Adelaide Railway Museum.

Except Conductor Car, most of the Tea and Sugar Train were moved into the main exhibition hall and connected as how they were. One of the staff from the museum was showing us each car.

Shih-han was so happy because we got the approval from Client that we can take out old products in the Provision Car to take pictures.

We shopped lots of “products”. Those old packages are so interesting to us!

A temporary "Studio" was setup in Australian Heinz School by us. Lots of pictures were taken.

Team was setting the butcher interview system for demo.

Des was explaining our plan for whole Tea and Sugar Train to other staff in the museum.

Young was showing the Butcher System.

Everyone was listening and asking questions. Staff from museum include a graphic designer, other three handymen.

After the meeting with client, we took equipments with museum staff to each car to discuss how are they going to install them. Amy from UniSA was suggesting the touch screen position for the Pay Car.

Team and museum both agreed that the corner is good for the introductory touch screen.

Museum staff was writing down the measurements, and talking to each other how can they implement the exterior documentary screen.

Des: "We are thinking the documentary screen should be this big."

In the Butcher Car, touch screen for the interview system will be put there, next to the butcher table.

Relay Car

Provision Car

We had a very productive trip. Everyone, cheers!

Our producer was still worrying about the schedule.
- Don't worry, we can make it!!

- Tea and Sugar Train Team.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our New Group Picture YAY~

Haha I only got this good one in my camera, and I will not put ShihHan's jump shot in it because I made a promise to her >"<. But we all got good memories.
Linhan, post your great one....quick~~

Design documents

Overall Brainstorming ideas

Butcher Cart Flow Chart

Click to Enlarge

Visiting University of South Australia

Visiting and Brainstorming

Farewell party at Friday

We visited UniSA campus and meet with all the students and faculties.
3 students will be in our team and work cross country with us.
Amy - Film Composor
Matt - Film Director
Nazz - Script Writer
2 tutors will be responsible for this project.
Marty and Brad

During the third and fourth day, we had brainstorming session all together.

Visiting Railway Museum

Railway Museum ..................................Pay Cart

Pay Cart Saving Bank

Provision Cart

We visited the Railway Museum as visitors. The museum is full of trains of histories. We finally saw the Tea & Sugar Train which consists of pay cart, butcher cart, provision cart and relay cart. Pictures will be added later on.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Real-Cost Café in Monteray Bay Aquarium

We went to Monteray Bay Aquarium to research about Real-Cost Cafe. The cafe is a bit similar to what we are thinking, virtual historical shops in T&S train. Here is the video footage of it.